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A Goat in Starbucks?!

Starbucks Goat

Do you like Starbucks coffee?  This goat does too.   A few days ago this goat walked into a Starbucks in California.  It didn’t order coffee but it did eat some of a cardboard box.

Look at the picture.  Can you find these items in the photo?

  • baskets
  • coffee
  • chairs
  • boxes
  • door
  • trashcan

What else do you see?

Have you been to Starbucks before?
Do you like Starbucks?  Why or why not?
If you go to Starbucks, what do you like to order?
Is there a Starbucks near your home?  Is it popular?

To learn more about this story, click here.

Happy Spring!

The first day of Spring is on Sunday, March 20th.  This is when the weather gets warmer, flowers start to bloom and we start to spend more time outside.  Look at the picture below. Is this what Spring looks like where you live?

Look at the picture again.
What do you see?  Can you name ten words?

  • I see …….

What colors do you see? Can you name ten colors?

  • I see ……

How does the picture make you feel?

  • It makes me feel …..




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Are you bored or boring?


I”m so bored.

I’m so boring.

These two sentences may look almost the same but they have very different meanings.  When you say you are bored, you are saying that something is making you feel not excited.  Maybe you are bored because you are watching a bad movie.  Maybe you are bored because you are in a class that doesn’t interest you.   When you say you are boring, you are saying that you are not an exciting person.  Here are some more examples to help you better understand:

1. That class was boring.  I felt bored in that class.

2. Tom is a boring guy.  All he likes to do is play video games.  I am bored with I spend time with him.

The ‘ing’ in boring is talking about the person, place or thing that is making you feel a certain way.

The ‘ed’ in bored is talking about how you feel.

Here are some other adjectives that work in the same way:

excited / exciting – I was excited to go to on the trip.  The trip was very exciting.

annoyed / annoying – My boyfriend annoyed me last night.  He was very annoying.

interested / interesting – Kelly is interested in space travel.   Space travel is interesting to Kelly.

Some more examples:
fascinated / fascinating
tired / tiring
relaxed / relaxing
confused / confusing

Practice Time:

1.  You just saw a 3 hour documentary on insects.  You feel ____________.

2.  Jill just came back from a vacation in Athens, Greece.  She said it was ____________.

3. That math test was so _____________.  I think I answered most of the questions incorrectly.

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How well can you introduce yourself?


The first step in having a good conversation in English starts with introducing yourself.   It is very important to do this well.  The person you are talking to will determine whether or not you are able to have a conversation in English.  Make a good first impression by reviewing the points below.

  1. Greet the person you are speaking with and say your name.
    • Hi, I’m Jennifer Hoeger.  it’s nice to meet you.
  2. Where are you from?  Why are you where you are?
    • I’m from Laguna Niguel, a town about 1 hour south of Los Angeles.   I’m here on business.
  3. Where do you work / what do you do?
    • I’m a teacher.  I have been teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) for about 12 years now.


* If you have a job that is hard to talk about, you can say what industry you work in.  For example:

  • I work in the IT industry.
  • I’m an engineer.  I work in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • I work in sales.

* When telling about where you are from, you can talk about how close you live to a major city. For example:

  • I live about one hour outside of Tokyo.
  • I live in a smaller city  about three hours from Shanghai.
  • I live right outside of Seoul.
  • I live in a suburb of Boston.

Now it is your turn!

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Did you know the movie, “Jaws” was released in theaters almost forty years ago!  In honor of the great film, here is a great photo and short article about the interesting creature.   


After reading the article, here are some activities you can try:

1.  Describe the picture.  What is happening?  What verb would you use to describe what the shark is doing?   

2. The article discusses the need to “repair the animal’s reputation”.  What does the author mean by this statement?

3.  Muller says that waiting for a shark to appear is an “intense experience”.  What do you think he means?

4. Muller has a book ‘coming out’ in 2015.  What does this mean?

Interesting Vocabulary:

  • premiere (noun)
  • diligently (adverb)
  • capture (verb)
  • decoy (noun) 
  • prey (noun)

See if you can use these words in sentences.   

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