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A Goat in Starbucks?!

Starbucks Goat

Do you like Starbucks coffee?  This goat does too.   A few days ago this goat walked into a Starbucks in California.  It didn’t order coffee but it did eat some of a cardboard box.

Look at the picture.  Can you find these items in the photo?

  • baskets
  • coffee
  • chairs
  • boxes
  • door
  • trashcan

What else do you see?

Have you been to Starbucks before?
Do you like Starbucks?  Why or why not?
If you go to Starbucks, what do you like to order?
Is there a Starbucks near your home?  Is it popular?

To learn more about this story, click here.

Get on the bus.

sight seeing bus tour-london outlook.jpg

These people are waiting to ‘get on’ the bus.  This is a tour bus. It has two levels so it is called a ‘double decker’ bus.

Here are questions about the picture:

  • What city are they visiting?
  • What season do you think it is?
  • What places do you think they will visit?
  • If you were going to get on this bus, where would you like to sit?
  • Have you ever been on a tour bus before?  Where were you?  What did you see

Get on / Get off:

English, we ‘get on’ the bus.  We get on the train.  We get on the subway. We get on the plane.  We get on the boat or ferry.  We also get on the swing, on the roller coaster, and on the ferris wheel.

We also get off the bus, train, subway, plane and ferry.  We get off the swing, roller coaster and the ferris wheel.   We also use ‘get off’ to tell someone or something to move.  For example:

  • Get off the bed.   ( I say this to my kids all the time!)
  • Get off the couch.
  • Get off me.  / Get off her. / Get off him.

Have questions?  Send me a comment. Have fun studying English!




Did you know the movie, “Jaws” was released in theaters almost forty years ago!  In honor of the great film, here is a great photo and short article about the interesting creature.   


After reading the article, here are some activities you can try:

1.  Describe the picture.  What is happening?  What verb would you use to describe what the shark is doing?   

2. The article discusses the need to “repair the animal’s reputation”.  What does the author mean by this statement?

3.  Muller says that waiting for a shark to appear is an “intense experience”.  What do you think he means?

4. Muller has a book ‘coming out’ in 2015.  What does this mean?

Interesting Vocabulary:

  • premiere (noun)
  • diligently (adverb)
  • capture (verb)
  • decoy (noun) 
  • prey (noun)

See if you can use these words in sentences.   

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