TOP TEN LANGUAGE TIPS for learning English:

  1. Use it or lose it!   If you want your English to improve you have to use it.  Read a book, talk with a friend, write an email or even go on Facebook and read the posts of your English-speaking friends. Make an effort to practice English every day.
  2. Don’t worry about making mistakes.   You don’t need to speak perfect English.  You need to speak English well enough to communicate your thoughts and the more practice you get using your english, the better it will get!
  3. When you hear something you don’t understand, write it down.   One of the best ways to learn natural English expressions is to learn the expressions you hear used.  If you have a smart phone,  keep a list of new expressions you hear using a ‘notes app’.   The next time you have English class or are talking with a native speaker, ask them what the expression means.
  4. Talk to yourself – In English.  Not everyone is able to speak with native-English speakers all of the time but you can still practice speaking English.  Imagine English speaking situations  you could be in and practice what you would say.  Do you have a business conference coming up?  Imagine introducing yourself and your company to someone. If the situation is difficult for you, practice role-playing the situation with your English teacher or English-speaking friend.
  5. Pronunciation is important.  Nobody likes to study pronunciation.   It is frustrating and can seem like a waste of time but without good pronunciation people won’t understand you.  Listen to native English speakers on TV shows, youtube videos, etc.  and repeat what you hear.  Record your voice using your smart phone and listen to how you sound.  You can also work with an English teacher to help you sound like a native English speaker.


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